Little treats help when in public places

Okay so you’ve already read the blog about a vacation that ended abruptly…here’s another story. We were at the mall last weekend and having a great time and William was doing very well and being very patient. We decided to reward the children by taking them to the indoor play area–an area we used to take Wiggy when he was smaller. They LOVED it…running, jumping, crawling all over all the kids. It was really fun seeing both kids having a good time…then it happened. There’s a train that goes around the mall and to get attention–yep, the toot, toot the horn. Well immediately William wanted to get on the train but Melanie was in a store and Margaret was in the play area so we weren’t going to get on the train…so he melted down big time. It wasn’t as bad as at the water park but it was still bad.

What I should have done was take a baggie of little treats…raisins, marshmellows, nuts…anything that would give him a little reward. We should’ve been rewarding him while we were in the stores and he was being patient and calm and all that…but we didn’t. We figured he’d enjoy the bigger reward of the play area (and he did) but if we would’ve been rewarding him for his good behavior while he was having good behavior–it would’ve made a big difference.

Lesson learned–I’m going to carry a baggie of treats and it won’t work all the time, but to give him immediate feedback on how well he’s doing will make a difference.

2 responses to “Little treats help when in public places

  1. Very nice to read so much of what we are going through as well. I have question of little treats. In our case our little princess has feeding disorders as well, making our choice of giving anything that is a solid a mere possiblity. Let me know if you have any alternatives .

  2. Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry that your daughter has feeding disorders as well as dealing with being on the spectrum. I would suggest anything that would be a little special something that would at least distract her at that moment. The main thing is to have the child focus on something else. At times when we don’t have little snacks for William, we will do things like “airplane” where we swing him around like a flying airplane. Anything to get their mind off of the cause of their anxiety.

    It doesn’t always work of course and sometimes you just have to drop everything and walk out of the store or building, but little treats or distractions, whether they’re food, fun toys they don’t get to play with all the time, physical stimuli, whatever…hopefully that will put their mind on something else and will help you as well.

    Let us know if that helps

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