My Autistic Son Was A Cat!

Scratcheys…that’s probably not how it’s supposed to be spelled, but not sure it’s a real word anyways…William LOVES to be scratched. I’ve read a few other articles and recounts how people on The Spectrum like some form of petting or rubbing or texture. Of course on the flip side, some on The Spectrum have big issues with texture and touch–what a strange ailment! But William loves to be scratched! Doesn’t matter where we are, reading a book, in church, in the car, singing songs before bed–he calls, no, he DEMANDS….SCRATCHEYS!!! So I’ll start scratching his legs, arms, back, he will even lift up his shirt and want me to scratch on his tummy. He’s so funny because he, in his own way of talking, will tell you how he wants 1) more 2) harder 3) faster 4) two hands…I play a little game with him and will pretend to scratch with two hands (but only touch him with one hand) and he’ll realize that I’m tricking him and he’ll call me out on it…it’s one of those fun father/son moments that might not mean much to typical fathers and sons, but it’s one of our little games and it means a lot to me.

So…parents of PDD kids…don’t cut your nails for a week and give your kids some good T-L-C and give them SCRATCHEYS…hopefully they’ll love it. And if they don’t….well, PDD kids have a way of letting you know if they don’t like something, don’t they?

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