The Poop Spreading Club…not that elite

I had a fantastic lunch with a new found friend on Friday. He is my age, loves to talk hoops, and has a son on The Spectrum…if he didn’t live 4 hours away, we’d be BFFs in no time. He and I were put in touch by my high school basketball coach…amazing how this viral and social media thing spreads for good not just dirty photos!
So he came into town and we grabbed lunch and he says, “I almost called you the other night…my son came into our bedroom with poop all over himself for the first time!”
HA! I know it wasn’t polite to laugh…but my friend had obviously read our new book “Look At My Eyes” (now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites) and read of the countless times my (now 5 years old) son pooped and spread it all over his room, body, furniture…for months and month! I’m thankful that he finally stopped doing that because it was really gross and extremely frustrating as you can imagine…OR, as you know.
I have recently realized that the stories we have about crazy things our son with autism did or still does, aren’t really that odd or crazy or rare. In fact, I think pooping and using it as finger paint actually is a rite of passage for us parents with ASD kids.
In a way, it almost makes me feel better. When we first had our son diagnosed with autism, we felt like we were the only people in the world that this was affecting. Sure we read the articles and stories and knew the statistics, but we really felt isolated. Meeting people who have read our book or blogs or seen us on local TV talking about the book, and hearing their stories that are so similar to ours…is almost refreshing.
So “WELCOME TO THE POOP SPREADING CLUB” to my new friend. You’re an added addition to a growing club…but a club that is dedicated to making the lives of our children with ASD as great as possible…one wipe at a time!

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