“Treat” for Thought

Halloween is creeping upon us again this year and for me it is always a little difficult. Sure, it’s about candy, laughter, pretending, and fun-filled smiling faces of children knowing what they want to be and wear from the moment they are asked the question.
But, not my son.

Every year, I try so hard to think about what he might want to be, what he might like or enjoy… sometimes it is easy to think up.. sometimes not. Even so, they are my thoughts and not his. I can give him choices, “Do you want to be super man or peter pan?”… and he can choose, but again, they are my choices and not his. I’m left with empty answers and sometimes educated guesses to fill the void of the unanswered question. Ask my daughter and she will give you so many answers it will make your head turn… naming off every character as if she will literally combust if she can’t answer your question with the most vivid and complete descriptions you have ever heard.

it’s just a question, a simple one that goes unanswered every year. But, this year I will try and change my ways… my heart. This year will be different. The Fowler Four is evolving and constantly changing. This year, I have an ever seeking daughter who is willing and so effortlessly desiring to, well….answer for him. The blessings of having a sibling are too many to count. It is not exactly what I had envisioned but in some ways it is much more. I have a loving daughter who knows.. really knows.. her brother. She knows he is older and stronger. She knows he can run faster and can jump higher. She knows he will hold her hand anytime she wants him to. She knows he will chase her anytime she wants him to. She knows she can help to be his outlet to the world. She knows he has… autism.

And so it goes again this year… I get the nerve to ask, … “What do you want to be for Halloween?”

Without hesitation,
Margaret: “I am going to be be “Dorothy” and William…. hmmm, you will be the lion with COURAGE.” {pause} “You do want to be the lion don’t you?”

William: {pause} “YESSS!”

Mommy: {pause} {raised eyebrows} {smile} {tears} “That’ll work!”….

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