Top 10 Christmas gifts NOT to give a child on the Autism Spectrum

I know, I know…it’s 3 days AFTER Christmas and all the presents have more-than-likely been handed out already.  So this blog is almost pointless right?  WRONG

But what a great time to start thinking about 2012 Christmas presents for your favorite child on the Autism Spectrum.

Without further adieu, here is my list that I came up with as TheFowler4Group was driving back from Christmas vacation…(and please keep in mind that this is supposed to be lighthearted so if you’re a Validation Parent or take offense…deal with it)

The Top 10 Christmas Gifts NOT to give a Child on the Spectrum

#10: A year’s supply of Slurpee: nothing says “BAD IDEA” like sugar and brain freeze

#9 A Karaoke Machine: Trust me, if your child gets a hold of the mic they will make all sorts of sounds non-stop

#8: Membership to Toast Masters Club: Although it might actually  be a good idea…

#7: Box of Non-Drowsy Benedryl: That would be pointless wouldn’t it?  “Hey kid, here’s something that will help you (and mommy & daddy) sleep.  WHAT…non-drowsy…well that’s no good.

#6: Candy, candy, candy: Especially candy that is easily unwrapped so your 6-year-old son can sneak into the next room and quietly eat an entire box of M&M’s and other fun stuff

#5: Broken iPad: Actually that’s a pretty lame gift for anyone…so just don’t give that at all

#4: Metallica “Enter Sandman” CD: The last thing a kid on the Spectrum needs is someone screaming at them to “keep one eye opened” … it’s hard enough trying to get them to sleep as it is.

#3: Blanket made of straw: Again, not a great gift for anyone but certainly not for those kids that like heavy, warm blankets for security and comfort

#2: Strobe Light: Along with the loud music, probably not a good idea to have a rotating ball of lights going at various speeds while a child is trying to get to sleep

#1: Clothes: While that might seem like an odd choice…think about it–what kid (on-or-off the Spectrum) wants to unwrap a beautiful box and find a new pair of socks or a tie or whatever

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2 responses to “Top 10 Christmas gifts NOT to give a child on the Autism Spectrum

  1. Funny! I esp like the karaoke machine idea.
    Plus, you gotta love a blog that opens with, “So this blog is almost pointless right? WRONG.”
    Bobbi Sheahan

  2. Well I was expecting the obvious reply of “uhhh, you know Christmas was 3 days ago right?”
    My sister has a Karaoke machine and my son LOVES to put his mouth all over it and make all his noises…if it wasn’t so annoying it would be hilarious

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