The Greatest Invention for the Autism World…EVER???

Think about all the great inventions of our lives…the car, the television, airplane, microwave, iPad…

I personally think the DVR is a top 5 greatest invention of our lives…think about it, it totally has transformed the way we watch TV…when’s the last time you watched anything “live”…even if you’re a few minutes away.

But whatever…

I would like to cast a vote for The Greatest Invention for the Autism World…and it is……

The timer.

Wow was that a letdown or what?  You thought I was going to say some blanket or pill or who knows what…nope…the timer in my mind is the #1 invention.

Why would a silly timer be #1?  I mean, the timer was probably created…well back in the Roman Empire or before.

But the timer has worked wonders in our family…and might work wonders in yours too.

Our son with autism can get…ummmm…sort of fixated and impatient on certain things.  If he wants breakfast rolls…he wants them NOW!  If sister is playing with iPad (probably #2 on my list) and he wants to play with it…he’ll get all upset and throw a fit because…HEWANTSITNOW!

Enter the digital timer…a $7 item we picked up at Target…and has saved our lives!

If there’s ever a dispute…”check the timer.”  When he wants something “has the timer gone off?”

It’s worked very well because we’ll let sister play with toy and then when timer goes off, he can play with it.  When the timer goes off then that’s when the rolls will be ready.

We can’t change if the timer hasn’t gone off…so it takes the onus and responsibility away from us having to try and explain the physics of rolls cooking in the oven.

I don’t want to hear people say “that’s so mean, you’re putting your kids on a timer to live their lives,” obviously you people don’t have kids on the spectrum and don’t have order (as much as possible) in your homes.

When it’s bedtime, sometimes we’ll set the timer and explain…”Okay, when the timer goes off it’s time to go to bed,” and it’ll go off and both kids will quietly go to bed.

No it’s not perfect…but if you haven’t tried the timer (the greatest invention the autism world has ever seen) you might want to…

good luck

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5 responses to “The Greatest Invention for the Autism World…EVER???

  1. I concur. Who knew that a timer could control time and space in a way that pleases both ASD and neurotypical folks alike (?).

  2. This is such a great post!!

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