Government and Autism

So I’m sitting here listening to the first presidential debat between Romney and Obama and  all I can think about is  “These two men with their different views and philosophies don’t care in the least bit about my son and the lives of special needs children and their families!”

Let me first say….these are my views.  These are my thoughts and opinions and I’m not trying to be political or whatever s0…my blog, my thoughts, my opinions…but I would like to hear you thoughts as well.

I’d like to think that I am fairly up-to-date when it comes to politics.  I support local and state politicians on both sides of the isle.  When it comes to some issues I have stronger leanings to one side or another…but when it comes to my son, the autism community and their best interests…makes no difference Red or Blue as long as they are DOING SOMETHING!

And herein lies the problem.

At the end of the day…very little if anything is being done to help the 1 in 88 children born today on the autism spectrum by the government.

Yeah, yeah…they say they have programs and this healthcare plan is really going to help and Medicaid will be there for the children if they qualify and blaaa blaaa blaa.

Do you realize that autism is one of the least funded disabilities out there?  I’m not saying we don’t continue to research and attempt to find cures for cancer, AIDS, diabetes, Downs, CP and so many other issues that afflict our children….but 1 in 88 children?  I didn’t stay in a Holiday Inn last night and I’m no scientist, but I have to think that there isn’t another ailment out there that affects 1 in 88 children born in each and every day that gets so little funding.

And so what do we do about this?  I’m not talking about throwing money at a cure for autism…my child has autism now, he needs education, training, assistance and will need a J-O-B in the next 10-15 years.

What’s the government doing about that?  What about the education system?  What about Obamacare and Medicaid?  What about the long term affect that 1 in 88 (and rapidly increasing) will have on our society?  Our productivity as a nation?  Our tax burden?

We don’t need another debate.  We don’t need another Congress locked in stalemate over the Pork they are trying to sneak into each and every bill presented so that various members of Congress can go to their constituency and tell them what a great job they are doing for their people…while siphoning money from others.

It’s a helpless feeling as a father, a tax payer, an active member of my community in local government commissions and committees…to see the need, the real need of so many children…and to see they are getting very little attention, training, education, help.

Another debate?  Another 4 years of whatever…please make it stop!

So what are the solutions?

We’ve got to get active.  Parents out there with children with autism…you have to get off your duff and get involved in local and state government.  The Internet is a powerful tool…use it for more than status updates and funny photos.

Find your representatives…find their emails, phone numbers, mailing addresses.


Tell them about your situation.  NO, they’re not going to read it. Are you kidding…but someone might and if you write a letter a week…52 letters might at least make someone in their office go…”hmm, maybe we should pay attention.”

I doubt it but if everyone started writing a letter a week…now that would be something.

Tell your representatives your displeasure (or satisfaction) with the services your child is getting.  Maybe your state has a great educational programing and training for children on the spectrum…maybe there are things you’re happy about.

I know my state representative, Senator Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth) and I know how she is trying to pay attention to the needs of the autism community.  She has been active and engaging and I can’t tell you how appreciative we are as a family that she has taken the time to listen to our story, to pay attention to us, to ask us how she can help.

Can she do it on her own?  Of course not.  She is one of many in the Texas Legislature.  But it only takes a spark.

I’m not holding my breath that much will be done.  In the end, once again it comes  down to party lines and all that fun stuff…and the losers are the children we’re trying to help.

But parents…get active.  Get involved.  Learn your city council members, know the school board, learn about the programs in your city for special needs children.  Learn what the school system in your city provides.

Unfortunately there is never going to be enough money.  There are never going to be enough teachers.  1 in 88 might be diagnosed but I guarantee you that 1 in 88 ARE NOT getting the attention they so desperately need.

Tell your elected official what you want…no they can’t do everything, but it’s better than not saying anything isn’t it?  Talk about vouchers…ohhhhh that icky word to many on one side of the isle.


Think that bothers me?  Darn right it bothers me.  The public school system in our city isn’t going to meet his needs.  There could be schools but why am I paying a portion of my annual property taxes (unfortunately no state income tax in Texas)…to go to the public school system…for which I get ABSOLUTELY ZERO BENEFIT!

Wouldn’t you like to see a voucher (call it whatever you want) program in place that will allow you to send your child to a learning environment that is going to directly meet their needs?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a school or center that actually taught children on the spectrum to use their skills?  I don’t know if my son will attend college or not…and that’s okay.  If he is going to be something and have a job, I want him to do it to the best of his ability and to the glory of God.  BUT he has to learn that skill…where’s he going to learn it?

The government is not the only answer.  We don’t need bigger and bigger government.  We DO NEED legitimate programs that are sponsored by government funds to establish avenues for our children to learn, grow and become contributing members (tax paying) of society.

IF NOT…do we want to go there???

It only takes a spark…

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