The benefits of Secondary Therapies & Autism

Yesterday I was fortunate to speak to a college class about communication and networking and business.  I love speaking in front of groups, so it was a lot of fun.  Thanks Professor A’isha Malone and Tarrant County College for letting me go on and on and on…

Of course the topic of autism, “Look At My Eyes” and my son who has autism came up.  I got about as many questions regarding that topic as I did communication and networking and business.

One lady came up to me and started asking about various therapies and treatments for autism.  My wife and I like to call them “secondary therapies.”

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA Therapy) is the only scientifically proven therapy (not a cure) to help with children on the spectrum, but there are a number of secondary outlets or therapies that really help children on the spectrum.

There is horse therapy, music therapy, art therapy, various exercises, sports, and probably many that I am not even thinking about.  These are great IN ADDITION to your traditional speech therapy, ABA therapy, occupational therapy and the likes.

I would highly encourage all parents of children with autism to look into a secondary therapy for their child.  They are not going to “cure” your child.  They are an outlet for your child to gain self-confidence, self-control, respect for authority, independence…just a wonderful opportunity to express themselves.

Not all secondary therapies are right for all children.  Just like the children themselves, every one is different.

We started our son (now almost 7 years old) in horse therapy.  We bought him boots and found a place that would teach him and let him ride.  It lasted about 3-6 months and then we stopped.  William liked it but he didn’t LOVE it.  He was pretty indifferent much of the time so we decided to find something else.

We found Kung-Fu.  He LOVES Kung-Fu.  He has a wonderful teacher who has worked with special needs children in the past, is very patient and kind but yet a stern authority figure.

William knows that if he does not pay attention or focus the lesson will be over.  At times the lessons have lasted 5 minutes.  Other times they can go on for 30 minutes.

The progress he has made is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  He has improved on his focus, concentration, ability to pay attention as well as his memorization of techniques and drills, jumping, rolling, kicking.

So I encourage you to find a secondary therapy opportunity that will help your child.  We are thrilled with our secondary therapy and who knows…maybe our son will become the first autistic Bruce Lee…that would be cool.

What secondary therapies do you find helpful?  Feel free to share

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2 responses to “The benefits of Secondary Therapies & Autism

  1. Hi!

    Thank you so much for starting your blog and for staying consistent in sharing your thoughts with so many of us.

    I look forward to what you have to say!

    May I have your Kung Fu instructors name and contact information for my 7 year old son?

    Thank you, Shannon

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Thanks for your kind words Shannon. I will send you an email with Kung Fu information

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