God for Thought

William’s eyes are beautiful.  Everyone says so, and even if they didn’t, I know so. They are most hypnotizing when he is looking and thinking about something off in the distance.  Everytime… everytime I ask William, “What are you thinking about?”… his answer is always and never failing, without a doubt, and never pausing… “GOD.”

William likes going to church and can sing a number of churchy songs off hand if asked.  He LOVES Christmas… and not because of presents.  Actually, he could care less about presents and how many he has under the tree. For him, he loves a decorated tree, the ornaments, the stories… THE ADVENT CALENDAR.  He has the symbols memorized and can’t wait to wake up each morning to put a new symbol on our tree.  He likes hearing stories from the bible and enjoys going to Children’s Church with Margaret.

He loves to pray for others…his list can be different every night.  He might pray for someone he hasn’t seen in years (truly) and every time, I am amazed at how the name slips right off of his tongue as if he had seen them just yesterday.  He certainly loves hymns and learning new ones, and rest assured, you have never heard them being sung quite like this!

So why am I surprised that his answer is always… “GOD?”  Certainly William has been exposed since birth to the bible, songs, prayer etc, BUT, I think it’s much more than that.  William lives in this world differently and with that, he sees and feels differently.  Maybe, just maybe… different or not, William’s one word answer is just what we all need to cling to and remind ourselves of everyday…that God should be the center of our thoughts and actions.

It is definitely a reminder for me and as William continues to grow, I have the opportunity to witness God’s specific and perfect purpose for him.  This simple one word answer that rolls off his tongue so undoubtedly so, does not go unheard.  I’m in awe of the life God has given me.

The majority of William’s life has been full of one word answers and incomplete thoughts.  But, this question that is asked as his beautiful eyes gaze at the distance, is COMPLETE with only one word… “GOD.”

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