Merry Christmas, Here’s Your Spoon!

Merry Christmas, Here’s Your Spoon!!

Our four (almost five) year old girl knows what she wants, when she wants it, and where she wants it… she just knows.  Christmas is no exception… her ideas and thoughts begin to explode from the moment her eyes open until they close again.  Her list begins and is never-ceasing.

But, for my seven year old son, it’s not that easy. Autism can be tricky. I have to think outside the “Christmas Box.” A list for William???  Christmas last year was hard on many levels and making a list of toys for family members to give was an exhausting task.  My son doesn’t really PLAY with toys. There, I said it. He isn’t interested in super-heros, legos, sci-fi, sports etc.  Many of our “toys” sit in a closet upstairs, collect dust or are re-gifted… yes, I said “re-gift”… don’t judge, you know you have done it too!

But, THIS Christmas will be different.  Instead of trying to think of toys that I think he should like or that I think others would like to get him (because it makes THEM feel good), I am going to actually make a list of items “HE” will like, regardless of how crazy, boring, different they may seem.

Here we go… <eh hem> William likes new shoes. He likes to look at them, he likes to wear them, he likes to touch them… he likes to smell them. He will get a pair in his stocking this year and will say “NEW SHOES!!”  He will want to put them on and I will smile a big smile.  Doesn’t seem so exciting???  It is to him and so my list begins…

On a regular basis, William loves to bounce, work on his iPad, and loves playing on the monkey bars (his poor calloused hands).  These are all “typical.” But, one of his favorite toys is the… ready for this… the plastic spoon!  Yep, the cheap white party plastic spoon.  He holds it, taps on it, walks around with it, jumps with it… it’s pretty much with him all of the time.  He would choose it over a piece of pie a hundred times over.  Does it make him happy, yes.  Is it “typical?”… well, not to the majority, but it’s not about YOU (the parent) and what you think your child should like.

So this year, whatever they like, throw it in the stocking for heavens sake!  Sit back (while sipping a mimosa) and watch their amusement as they open something they actually like and want.  For William, it won’t be the multi-hundred dollar Wii game and accessories… it will be new shoes, a pogo stick, and a plastic spoon… or two.

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