I am aware.

It is April…Autism Awareness month. As this month comes to a close I can’t help but ponder… What are you (the general public) aware of? You may be aware that people with autism exist in this world and exhibit many struggles.

Let’s get real. Unless you live in isolation with no exposure to the outside world, you’re aware.

But do you really get it?

I am aware… yep, I am certainly aware.

I am aware that the autism spectrum is “growing” and funding is shrinking.

I am aware that many caregivers receive barely there training and that many teachers receive “online training” (whatever that means).

I am aware that most parents (like me) continue to look for quality transitioning/adult services to only come up empty handed.

I am aware that 9 out of 10 adults with autism are either unemployed or underemployed, regardless of their IQ or education level.

I am aware that we are fooling ourselves if we think one month out of the year will help our definition of “awareness.”

I am aware that society has a wayyyyyys to go and so does William… and so do I.

I am aware that the White House failed to even muster up a flicker of blue for “light it up blue” and without support, we become the hamster wheel.

I am aware that silver bullet “cures” and empty promises trump what’s really important, which is to focus on the science of really helping kids with autism.

I am aware of how blessed William is to be receiving scientifically proven treatment methods and how the wait list for theses services continues to grow.

I am aware that the majority of the population is unaware.

I am aware. yes. But, I’ll never stop…

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