Stare? Yes please!


In the beginning, I didn’t like the stares. I mostly ignored them. Sometimes I stared back with “the look.”

On a few occasions, just a few… I fought back with rude sarcastic tones and huffy behavior, sometimes appearing sweet but it was quite sour I assure you.

I was young. I was young to autism. I wanted everyone to understand and the stares infuriated me. I loathed the situation I was in. It was me against all the ignorant… the general public that knew nothing about autism.

I don’t know exactly when it all changed…when my frame of mind changed.

Realizing that I was in “the club” and not getting out felt suffocating and threw me into a tailspin…

That was my first act of acceptance. Once I got over that hump aka “Mount Everest,” the stares began to bother me less and less.

I found myself wanting to speak more freely, more openly to others. I found myself using the stares for my own purpose… the purpose of educating and advocating.

I found myself talking to strangers that…. stare. <smile>

It began to look like:  Stare= Opportunity= Discussion= Knowledge= Awareness

If I don’t act on a stare, I see it now as a missed opportunity.

Don’t miss an opportunity.

In the beginning, I didn’t like the stares. I mostly ignored them.

Now, I can’t get enough of them! <smile>

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