change of heart


Eight years ago, my husband became a father.

It started out the “usual” way…. rocking, loving, kissing, holding.

He was present in all of it. The baby stuff: baby carrying, baby changing…baby duty.

Honestly, for us, that was the easy breezy.

After the diagnosis, things definitely changed. Hearts were hurting.

Things got hard. I felt and saw the distance.

The “Dreading to come home and deal with the inevitable” look.

The “How am I going to relate to my son who doesn’t want or know how to relate?” look.

The “I can’t do this!” look.

With precious time and extensive therapy, <very extensive> the hope began to grow.

Hearts changed. His. Heart. Changed.

Many selfless acts followed. Many. Too many for you to comprehend.

Finding ways to connect became his mission. It became his way to love and support his son.

Thank you for finding ways.

Thank you for the selfless acts.

Thank you for being the father with a mission.

Happy Father’s Day to a father that really knows what that means.

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