great things He hath done



Dear Margaret,

I see it. I see your mind trying to understand the complexity of the situation everyday.

I see you putting forth the attempts over and over to connect with him in the slightest inkling of a way.

I’ve watched you cry. I’ve watched you watch me cry.

I’ve watched you make a wish with your only precious penny that there would no longer be autism in our lives. That he would play with you. That he would snap out of it and be the big brother that you see in so many other families.

I’ve heard you ask as his birthday comes around each year….”Will he talk now?”

Last year you stopped asking.

I’ve watched you work tirelessly to get his attention and how a word uttered back to you is like having a thousand gifts to open. Your eyes reveal it.

I’ve seen you try to fix it. I’ve seen you fail.

In all of this, you must know…

This was not a mistake.

In many ways, you are closer than any other brother and sister could ever wish for.

You hang on to every word, touch, or look he gives you.

You are proud of his accomplishments and encourage him to always do more.

You are lavished with hugs and kisses from him anytime you wish.

You are his and he is yours.

The greatest gift is seeing how you are being changed, molded, and used for the ultimate purpose… for God’s glory and HIS alone.

Hold steadfast to this purpose sweet girl and know….

This was not a mistake.


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One response to “great things He hath done

  1. So, so sweet. Well said Melanie.

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