a Thief and a Liar


William has been taught or shall I say, “trained” to do and say many things.

On his own, he has an amazing ability to remember names and comments almost immediately if you have new shoes or a new haircut… that’s his schtick and has been for quite some time.

He also likes for items to be in their place at all times… my little organizer.

It’s not uncommon for something to disappear if left floating in space.

The amazing part is that you almost never see the swipe occur. Yes, he’s fast, slick and just that good.

But like I said, much of everything else has been trained.

So when something “untrained” or spontaneous seeps out, I can’t help but get excited, throwing my hands up in the air, looking like the cheerleader I was so many years ago.

Oh how I love the “untrained” responses.  I live for these moments.

Last week we went swimming. He loves to swim.

Thankfully, this is an activity that keeps his attention, keeps him in the circle, keeps him… happy.

I love happy.

We came home, wet suits and all and I started to walk near him to help him change.

He said just one word. ”no.”

I tried again. This time he patted his left pocket and said, “no.”

I had forgotten that his suit had pockets <smile>

From the look on his face I could tell he was hiding something from me.

As I had him empty his pocket, a plethora of trinkets appeared. Three water torpedos and an unidentified plastic toy to be exact.

“Did you take these from the pool?” I asked. “No.” he said.

I asked again and then again…. his final reply being “Yes.”

As I talked about lying and stealing I couldn’t help but turn around and smile my biggest smile.

He had accomplished a heist.

Something rather typical in children… something I almost never experience with him.

This took many calculated steps from him and I counted them all, proud of his premeditation.

Yes, yes people, we will try to keep his robberies to a minimum.

But for now, having a thief and a liar is something I have been secretly looking forward to.

Something untrained and well… delightful really.

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Special Thanks to Jewett Photography DFW Photographers http://www.jewettphotography.com


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