the voice


I’ve thought a lot about conversations that could’ve, should’ve , would’ve.

The pitch, the inflection…the whole shebang.

What could he tell me about the years past?

I’ve thought a lot about it.

I have so many questions.

I think it would look like a piece of this…

ME: Why don’t you like opening gifts?

HIM: I think gift wrap is stupid. I don’t understand why people buy it and make it look nice and then tear it all up. It takes too much time and I want to be outside anyways.

ME: Why do you cry when someone on TV falls down?

HIM: I think it is real and I feel sorry for that person. It kinda scares me.

ME: Why do you have to look at your lunch every morning before school?

HIM: Because I really don’t like turkey sandwiches…you pack them because the school has a “no nut” policy but I like peanut butter and I wish I could have one.

Bless him… he does get them on the weekends.

ME: Why do you smile so big at girls?

HIM: I like pretty girls. I really like girls with long hair. I like when they say hello to me. I just want to stand next to them.

ME: Why is it difficult for you to pay attention?

HIM: I listen to what people say… a lot. I listen even when I don’t look at your eyes. <smile> I like my world better. It’s easier. Your world is busy and confusing to me at times. I wish everyone would just be quiet and stop talking.

ME: Why do you get frustrated when I ask you questions?

HIM: If you only knew how hard it is for me. I have to think about the question and then think about how to answer it and then actually form words into a sentence that you are happy with so you will stop asking me more questions. It’s totally exhausting for me. Can I just go outside and play?? <smile>

ME: Why do you hum when you eat cracker products?

HIM: I love a cracker. All is good and right when I can eat a cracker. Plus, I like to hum. Can I have a cracker??

ME: How do you feel when I pick out your clothes, Halloween costumes, etc?

HIM: I really don’t care about clothes. I do like shoes though. Converse are my favorite. I don’t care about the costume… I just want the candy. Put me in anything as long as I can eat a Twix.

ME: Why do you like being at home so much?

HIM: I love my house. It’s nice and clean. It makes me feel safe and I know what to expect. I’m tired after school. Please don’t run errands after school… It’s such a beat down.

ME: Do you like it when I love on you and make you give me hugs?

HIM: I am used to it. You make me love on you all of the time. It’s your way to connect with me. I really do like your hugs and I like to play with your hair.

ME: Why don’t you like Legos?

HIM: I hate Legos. If the pieces don’t fit right, I want to squeeze them and break them. I’m sorry to burst your autism stereotype, but I hate Legos.

ME: How do you feel about Margaret?

HIM: She’s pretty bossy. I like when she is outside with me. I like that we share a room. She talks a lot but that’s ok. Sometimes I hide her things and smile about it. I’m still her big brother….

Actions do speak. He must have a loud voice. <smile>

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