my forty, niner


Many of you may not know that my two special men were born on the same day.

When told, some say, “Ohhh… they have to share the day.”                                 Others have big eyes, wide mouth grins and shake their heads in disbelief.

Everyone has an opinion about this twosome event.

But, I’ve always thought this to be quite a special time.

William was born a few days early… smack dab on my husband’s birthday. Yep.

And while this time can be a little crazy <more coffee please, I mean wine, ok fine… coffee> for me trying to make both of my boys feel extra special, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s a connection… and I’m always scouting for ways to connect them.

This is one of them.

In so many ways, my two are alike.

Their smiles and big ole’ chocolate brown eyes. Yes, both utterly handsome.    Just speaking the truth people.

They both love attention.  Like, love it.  Thrive on it.

I didn’t see it in William at first, with autism always trying to get in the way of it.

It is there.

He loves to perform and the applauds are never enough.

They both have sense of humors that make me laugh loudly.                                         It takes a special kind of humor… they are teasers, pokers, prodders. <smile>

I can’t get away from it.

I see it.

As he continues to grow, I continue to see the personality that so desires to come out.

I get to see flashes of it and it settles me.  For a while at least.

I live for the moments when I see the likeness of my two.

It is there.

How incredibly blessed I am for my two.

Happy Birthday to my Forty and Niner.

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One response to “my forty, niner

  1. ~Happy Birthday William and Seth~ I too think it’s very special they share a birthday what a great father-son bonding fun day it must be every year and many more years to come! Have a super great day! Hugs to the whole family and I’m sure I’ll see you soon.

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