the need to create


I’ve always been a creator. Something out of nothing. It’s in my heritage.

As a little girl, my sister and I would invent all sorts. She had a scientific mind and her inventions were “complex.”  Boy she was good.

The ideas for her inventions began with me. I had a ton of ideas.

I knew exactly what to create… always a picture in my mind.

We were… the dynamic duo.

25+ years later, the yearning to create hasn’t changed…. Not one bit.

To create for the joy in a child’s face? YES!! Always.

I’ve always wanted William to be involved in some type of group sport activity after school and to be honest, that idea got pushed aside for a while. We had other important and more top of the list issues to address.

Meanwhile, the need to create was bubbling. It didn’t take long before I got antsy.

Soccer could be good? Kick a ball. Yes, that would work. Ah, but uniforms, competitive teams and weekend games… not so much. Back to pushing it aside for a while.

And then there was Soccer Shots.

Margaret wanted to learn and her school provided an organization perfect for the first timer.

And then there was Coach Chad.

…a bundle of energy, able to rein in various groups, never boring and patient with a “nothing’s impossible” mentality.

After her first practice, my idea was molded in my mind and ready to be created. Done.

“Do you have a team for children with developmental delays?” I asked. He shook his head but looked interested.

My idea was forming faster than my words.

He was willing. He would prepare. He was the perfect one for the job… he just didn’t know it yet. <smile>

That day, we created soccer for children at the Jane Justin School.

That day began with just an idea.

I have a ton of them. <smile> 

What’s your idea? Get to work!

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