Figured out the Puzzle

Seth Says

No, I haven’t figured out the key to the autism spectrum puzzle…not really paying that much attention to it…we have it, let’s deal with it and make our son and situation as successful as possible.

What I have learned…is that our son, now 12-years-old, likes to do puzzles!  It’s still off-and-on and always on his schedule – I’ll beg an plead with him to come and work a puzzle with me and he’ll refuse, then I’ll turn around when I’m not there and he’ll be working on it.

He doesn’t look at the picture on the box.  He simply looks at the colors and shapes….and I love it!

Maybe one day he’ll work in a puzzle factory (do those even exist)…maybe one day he’ll work in a position where colors and shape differentiation is important.  I don’t know, I don’t care.

Right now, he likes doing puzzles…and that makes me happy

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