WORLD Magazine & the Fowler 4


Seth & Melanie Fowler being interviewed by WORLD Magazine for upcoming podcast

Seth Says

In 2012, WORLD Magazine wrote an article on autism that featured our son, William.

Intense Isolation (2012) – World Magazine

After 6 years, WORLD reached out to us for an update on William and the rest of the Fowler 4.

On Sunday we had the privilege of sitting down with Katie Gaultney of WORLD to interview for an upcoming podcast regarding autism and William and other topics of interest. (we even made Katie cry!)


Is there anything better than talking about topics you’re passionate about?  Look how serious Seth is!!!

It was a blast not only to have a microphone in your face (if you know me you’d know that there’s nothing more I enjoy doing than talking)  and giving Katie the update on the past 6 years but also to have William and Margaret (10-years-old now) talk and hopefully be featured as well.

I do not envy how Katie will whittle down 1 hour and 45 minutes, of us talking about a topic we are very passionate about, into a short podcast – but maybe they will make multiple podcasts or do whatever it takes to get the information out to the masses.


Katie of WORLD had no idea of what she was getting in to – crying, long-winded speakers and Charley Bear (dog) that took special interest in her.

When the podcast is released I’ll be certain to let you know and will blast it to the masses – the more the better – maybe they’ll have us as regular guests!

Special thanks to WORLD, Susan Olasky and Katie Gaultney for taking interest in our cause and passion.  Let’s do it again

To read more blogs from Melanie, Seth and TheFowler4Group, check out their Website ( and while you’re there, buy a copy of their book, “Look At My Eyes”.  Or find them on YouTube.  To contact TheFowler4 Group email:


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