Adolescence or Autism?


Seth Says…

Wow has the time flown!  William is now 12-years-old (he’ll be A TEENAGER in two months) and you know what that means…


Ready or not, here we go!

It’s not just puberty.  He’s been going through that for about a year or so now and WOW can he stink!  When did boys (and girls) get so stinky?

Fortunately he seems to have Melanie’s beautiful skin so very little acne might be in store for him…whew…don’t know if I’d want to subject anyone to the issues that I had (but yet still turned out pretty good).

We are dealing with a new stage where we are wondering if his behavior and actions are caused by the fact that he’s 5’2″ and 105 lbs or because he’s on the autism spectrum.

If you have any advice…feel free to share

Sometimes it’s Okay to Bop Your Sister?

Let me be clear – I’m not condoning bullying or violence between siblings.  I still have scars from where my big sis clawed me.  BUT – every once in a while a younger sibling might become a little annoying and “deserve” a little shove on the trampoline or bop on the head.

We’ve gone through some scary incidents of aggression – and that is a totally different thing – but yeah, Margaret (10) can be a little pest and “big brother” needs to put her in her place from time-to-time….and for that I say “okay!”

Where Did These Opinions Come From

I’ve always prided myself on my amazing dancing and singing abilities.  No one can come even close to my Sweet Caroline, by the legendary Neil Diamond, rendition and if Michael Jackson were around – he’d admit that he stole moves from Yours Truly!  Trust me 🙂

“Daddy no singing!”  No more singing!”  “Move please…move please”

HUH?  When did William develop such a distaste for quality entertainment?  How dare he?!  But I get it.  I actually like it.  William will tell me when he wants me to stop or move or leave the room.

Some might find it rude and annoying (and I do at times) but it’s also what a typical teenager would do…and that’s fine with me.

Living in Two Worlds Must Be Exhausting

In the end – the answer is probably both.  His behavior is influenced by his stage of life as well as his condition.  He’s still a sweet boy (most of the time) and I’m almost glad that we aren’t dealing with the drama and heart break that comes with being a teen.

The great thing is that regardless of the cause…we know that deep down he still loves his mommy and daddy – and that’s all we could ask for!

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