The Younger-Big Sister


William and Margaret are the perfect Harry Potter and Hermione Granger

Seth Says…

Can you imagine being 5-years-old and being told that one day you’re going to take care of your older brother…and understanding what that means?

Looking back, maybe we shouldn’t have started telling Margaret (now 10-years-old) that, but we were just trying to be honest and to keep encouraging her to love her brother William (12-years-old).


William wasn’t quite sure of what to think about Margaret at first

Recently in an interview with WORLD Magazine the reporter asked Margaret (we call her “Bubba”) for her thoughts and perspective.

“I mean, it’s not the easiest thing to understand and know what it really means when they say, ‘you’re going to take care of him (William),'” said Margaret.  “I guess I’ve never known any other way – and I’m okay with that.”

Florida 2009_2254

Everyone always thinks this is the sweetest photo – in reality – William was trying to choke Bubba – trust me I was there and have the next photos to prove it

While only ten, she sure is mature beyond her years – and she’ll have to be forever.

Hopefully William and Margaret will continue to grow in their relationship and love for one another.  Sure they fight – she seems to get frustrated because he has a “different set of rules” from time-to-time…but she doesn’t realize how fortunate she really is in her situation — she gets A LOT of perks in her life.


Even as they get older – they still enjoy being around one another – and that’s a relief!

She loves ballet.  She loves acting.  She loves her iPod Touch.  She loves talking to cousins on said iPhone.  She loves watching movies.  William isn’t into any of those things.

William got a trip with daddy to Disney World when he turned ten.  Bubba and daddy are going to NYC to see some shows!

Who knows what the future holds.  Melanie and I certainly want Margaret to experience the world and freedom that comes from leaving the home when the time is right.  The last thing we want is for her to feel a burden or obligation to be close to home while we are still around and able to manage William’s situation.


What does the future hold?  Who knows.  But I do know that Margaret will ALWAYS love and care for her brother

But one day the younger sister will become caretaker…that makes me sad but grateful that God has created Margaret with such a soft heart for her brother.

To be continued…

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