About The Fowler 4 Group

Welcome, we are family blessed with a child with autism. We wanted to share our story of the first five years of our son’s life and our experiences with early intervention, behavior, and grief, which will hopefully inspire parents and caregivers.

Our interests on this site do not include debating the use of vaccines, non proven intervention methods and potentially harmful treatments. Our focus centers around scientifically proven effective methods (such as ABA, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy).

We’d love to hear your story. We don’t have all the answers. Every child with autism is different. If we want to improve the lives of children with autism, we must be proactive and educated.

Together we want to reach as many people as possible. It is our calling in life to help others and work tirelessly to educate, inspire, support, listen and make our community aware.

Contact TheFowler4Group

Email: info@thefowler4group.com
Twitter: @fowler4group
Facebook: Look at my eyes

7 responses to “About The Fowler 4 Group

  1. Nancy Settle Biggs

    What an awesome thing you are doing to help others!
    Thank you…and congratulations on your book!

  2. Barbara Rozanski

    I am honored to call you both friend. I am so proud of you both allowing the Lord to use this otherwise earth shaking experience to bring so many parents peace in an unsure diagnosis such as autism. This book will bring back glory to God and deliver such important and profound information to parents. We just love both William and Margret. The Fowler four are a blessing to our party of five.

    Fondly, The Rozanski family

  3. Melanie,
    You are a champion! Praise God for what He is doing through your precious family.
    The Sommerlads

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  5. Shannon Lowe

    I have a 7 year old non verbal son who is autistic and would like to set up a support group in my area 76107.
    I need to get the word out. Can you help me?

  6. Compre su libro y me emociono mucho la valentia que has tenido enfrentando este gran desafio. Tengo un nino de 4 anos y sufre de autismo la verdad para mi fue un golpe devastador y un tanto frustrante al ser de origen hispano y no dominar el idioma me ha dificultado mucho mi lucha que al igual que tu y pienso que todos los padres de ninos autistas quieren que sus hijos puedan seguir adelante a pesar de las dificultades y los obstaculos que puedan aparecer.Tienes un nino hermoso y estoy segura que va a poder seguir y va a vencer.Tambien vivo en Texas en Austin y solo te deseo lo mejor a ti , a tu nino y a esa hermosa familia que has logrado mantener unida a pesar de todo.

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