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“Look At My Eyes” is no longer available for purchase through Amazon or other typical purchasing sites.  The book is AVAILABLE if you contact TheFowler4 Group Directly – info@thefowler4group.com or 817.980.6636

Because we were not selling a high enough volume of books, it was too cost prohibitive to keep using Amazon and our publisher was charging to store the books – IF YOU WOULD LIKE A FREE BOOK – PLEASE LET US KNOW and all we ask is that you pay for shipping

Please help us sell a BILLION books…why the heck not?

Thank you for supporting “Look At My Eyes” and and The Fowler 4 Group…please share it with all your friends.

70 responses to “Have a Book for FREE

  1. Kathryn Mayfield

    Yes! Contact me when the book is available for sale.
    Kathryn Mayfield

  2. Heidi Tossell

    Just bought 2 copies and will probably buy more for family and friends.

  3. you rock Heidi…thanks so much for your guidance and encouragement

  4. Just ordered your book online. Our last name is also Fowler and we have a 14 year old severely Autistic son. We live in the Houston area. We love it that you are advocates for your son and all the other individuals and their families living with Autism. We’re doing some things in Houston to help families bond and integrate with their children back in to society.

  5. thanks so much for your support of the book and for taking the time to share your story with us. We’d love to know more about your efforts and if we can help in any way. If you like the book, tell anyone and everyone to buy one!

  6. Check out our support group’s website. http://blueskyesoverautism.com/

    I have just started reading your book today and think you’re spot on with what I have read thus far.

    When your child has Autism, the whole family has Autism. The toll it takes on your child is heartbreaking and as you have stated requires effort from the entire family to combat the effects of the condition on the individual and the family.

    My wife and I started raising money to help families go on autism vacation retreats with Autism on the Seas. The folks at Autism on the Seas are a Godsend to these families as they help them integrate back in to society. It’s not uncommon for these cruises to have 20-30 families from across the country. Knowing that your family is not alone and the information that you can get from others dealing with the sdame issues is priceless. Having the other passengers see so many Autism families on a week long journey has lead to more awareness for these families and a sort of pay it forward experience. I think these passengers leave with a better understanding of what Autism is and is not.

    Check out some of the videos on our site.

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