There are so many Websites, blogs, organizations, books and outlets out there for those in the autistic community. It can be very overwhelming but hopefully very helpful. Here are a few resources that have blessed us, encouraged us, and educated us. We hope they will do the same for you as well.

Helpful Websites

Autisable is an online community that connects people who want to tackle the puzzle of Autism.
S-O-S Research
S-O-S Research is to unite a collection of experts to provide up-to-date information to help your child reach his potential as cost effectively as possible.
Healing Thresholds
Dedicated to healing the lives of families touched by autism. We provide comprehensive therapy fact sheets, daily updates of autism therapy research and news, and a global directory of autism-related therapists and services.
AIM Behavior Consultants
AIM Behavior Consultants, LLC provides consultation to faith-based leadership and families.
The Coffee Klatch
An interactive forum on Blog Talk Radio and Twitter bringing you expert guests from around the world
The Web Rev
The WebRev Community is a community of respect for diverse opinions.
Manna for Moms
Daily devotionals and encouragement for all moms
Snappin’ Ministries
A nationwide support network for parents of children with special needs
Joni & Friends
The administrative center for ministries which provide outreach to thousands of families affected by disability around the globe
Autism In Brief
Focused on using the power of television and media to help explore the trends, opinions, resources, and ideas that populate the fields of Autism
F.A.C.E.S. of HOPE
Families with Autistic Children Education and Support
Thriving With Autism
Resource for families looking to discover the secrets to being successful and actually thriving with their children with Autism.

Daddy Blogs

Gingerhead Dad
Lousy singer, fundraiser, dreamer, troublemaker, runner, redhead former SAHD of twins & a teenager, 2 living with autism. Transfixed by Watergate
Autism Spoke
Husband, father of 2, one with autism. Full time student, amateur filmmaker, newly minted blogger and USAF veteran.
Krei Life
Husband to Michele for 26 years, father of twin sons Kyle & Hunter, both born with Down syndrome and both have ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).
DM Doyle
Proud Father of an Amazing Autistic Son
Autism Father
Father with 2 boys, one with Autism and one without. Learning all I can as I push for Autism Understanding and Acceptance

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