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The Second Greatest Invention for the Autism World

I had a lot of fun and good feedback regarding my previous post on The Greatest Invention For The Autism World…as was discussed, it’s the digital timer…and so I have decided to continue my award-winning series and will help to identify each and every great invention for the Autism World.

Here goes…

The SECOND greatest invention the Autism World has ever seen…the mini-tramp.  No that is not a short hooker on the corner of State and Main…it’s the mini-trampoline!

Again…some may say, “well that’s so basic and boring,” and you’re correct…BUT REMEMBER…this is not the list of the greatest inventions of all time…this is for the world of those with autism.

Why is the mini-tramp so important?  Because it just is.  My 6-year-old son is going to have the most amazing calf muscles as he gets older because he will jump and jump and jump for hours, days, constantly.

From my understanding, those on the Spectrum need a “release.”  You see a lot of stemming, hand flapping, tapping, fidgeting that either soothes them or gives them a sensation that is helpful.  My son used to flap and now he’s a big tapper (drives me CRAZY!!!)…but beyond that, he is a fanatical jumper on the mini-trampoline.

And when I say fanatical…I mean…he’s six and we’ve already had to REPLACE one trampoline.  Yep…replace it!

We have the mini-tramp in the middle of the living room.  At one time we tried to discourage it and tried to keep it outside–because who really wants a trampoline in their living room?–but you know what, it helps him.  It soothes him.  It is good for the entire family…well except the dog but that’s another story.

It sure beats jumping on the couch or bed or siblings!

So if you are looking for an item to get your child on the Spectrum…if you are having issues with additional energy and your child needs some release…go and get the Second Greatest Invention Ever (for the Autism World) and invest in a min-trampoline…trust me, you’ll be glad you did!

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